Engineers Career Point ECP is one the best gate coaching institute - by , December 25, 2017
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To be very honest, I was a less confident candidate when I arrived at ECP. But my mentors got my back. ECP is the right centre you need yourself to reach at. The way they prepare you for exam is just accurate. I secured a fairly good rank which gave wings to my career. Thank You ECP for recognizing the hidden potential in me.
Engineers Career Point Thanks To ECP - by , December 28, 2017
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Simply blessed to have prepared at ECP. Proved the best decision of my life. If you are serious about your future, do not go anywhere else. ECP is the true spot. I got flooded with many career opportunites and secured a spot in Government sector. Thank you for everything.
Engineers Career Point Best Coaching Institute - by , December 28, 2017
5/ 5stars
I won't take long to write. ECP is all what you need right now. Best guidance, quality modules and amazing aura you will find there. ECP made my parents proud.
Engineers Career Point Best Coaching Centre - by , December 28, 2017
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Thank you ECP for the life-changing results. Every aspiring person looking for a promising future should visit ECP once. I am confident enough that your trial visit at ECP would be the turning point in your career. Quality modules to score well in the exam.
Engineers Career Point Best Coaching Institute - by , December 28, 2017
5/ 5stars
Friends, you go to trust me for this. ECP is the best. There might be other good institutes also but my experience would strongly recommend ECP. They get you hit the bull's eye. Don't think twice.

Higher Education

MBA (India & Abroad)

To pursue MBA in India, CAT exam must be written and best institutes are IIMs. MBA can be done immediately or after some years of experience. To pursue MBA from abroad, GMAT or GRE must be written along with TOEFL. Foreign universities ask for minimum two years of experience some good universities may even ask for eight years of experience. MBA is two years programme but for experienced professional there is executive MBA of nine months also. MBA fees may be from 10 to 20 lakh in India in top B schools. This may vary from 25 lakh to 50 lakh abroad. Banks may provide educational loan to pursue MBA. Normally there are no scholarships in MBA. Once MBA is done from top B school, good salary is offered by companies. Lifestyle of top executive drawing fat salary is hectic. Only those who like managing things and are good at interaction with others or have liking for generic jobs must go for it.

M S (Abroad)

After B.Tech, students may pursue masters in any other country in particular field of specialisation (called MS). GRE and TOEFL exams must be written for it. Universities in some countries don’t ask for these scores, some may only ask for TOEFL or some may ask for GATE score also. Scholarships are provided by universities for these programmes. Scholarship depends upon academic background, GRE/TOEFL score, Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR) prepared.

M-Tech (India)

GATE exam conducted by IITs provides opportunities to pursue M. Tech from various institutes in India (some German and Singapore Universities consider GATE score) including IITs, NITs, IISc, IIIT etc. M.Tech helps Engineers to identify their field of specialisation and choose proper job for them. There is scholarship in M.Tech through GATE. It is presently Rs 12500/ per month. There is misunderstanding among majority of students that M.Tech means teaching. No doubt those who want to pursue career in technical teaching must have M.Tech but it is not vice versa. Majority of students doing M.Tech from top institutes are placed in related technical fields.

Direct Ph.D (After B.Tech)

Recently IITs have provided direct PhD option to bright Engineering graduates after B.Tech itself. It is to catch them young and award the doctorate in roughly five years. It is good option for those aspiring to learn more and get specialised in their technical domains, desiring to pursue career in research in industries, teaching or entrepreneurship. Scholarship offered in direct PhD is roughly 20k per month. Some IITs are offering even higher. There is huge shortage of teachers in newly created IITs as well older one. PhD degree ensures bright career in teaching and research in premium institutes like NITs and IITs.

PhD (India & Abroad)

To pursue PhD from abroad, GRE and TOEFL must be written. M. Tech is compulsory for PhD from abroad. Unlike MS, there is always some scholarship from university in PhD course. Scholarship is sufficient to meet the personal expenditures as well as fees. PhD from abroad provides rich experience and provides opportunity to meet with different people.

Post Coaching Career with us

Once students has completed various modules offered by institute (Tech & No. Tech) he/she can avail various opportunities offered by ECP in field of teaching material development, management, strategist etc. ECP is part of long group of educational enterprise. Which opens the options for students in various domains. ECP students are also helped to avail opportunities to work as projected assistances with facilities of premier institutes.


Academics & Teaching

Jobs in research, teaching and academics are supposed to be best for girl technocrats. It is important to pursue higher education before joining these jobs. Career of teaching in IITs and NITs does not only mean teaching but also research and project management. Many Professors in these institutes handle big projects along with teaching. These jobs offer international exposure in particular domain.


Normally PSUs don’t come to colleges and universities for the recruitment (except for SC/ST students). They have their own written tests (presently majority are taking GATE score for short listing students). PSUs are dream jobs for Engineers. Other than good package offered at starting (10-12 Lakh/annum), they provide enriched training as well as growth opportunities. These are not 100% Govt. organisations but are having majority Govt. stake in them.

Private (Campus placement )

Normally jobs through campus placement are in private industries. Package offered in these jobs are as per the reputation of the institutes. Engineers should focus not only the probable salary in hand but also job profile and growth opportunities provided by industries. It is better to wait for good opportunity and get good start than to start with any opportunity. Normally starting point decides the end point.

Government Job

There are numerous jobs in state and central govt. These range from SDOs in state to IES in centre. Jobs of DRDO, ISRO, BARC, Defence, IITs, and NITs etc come under govt jobs category. Govt. Jobs offer prestige, social status and security of job. Recruitment to these jobs is done through written test (Majority govt. jobs are through GATE exam now).

Entrepreneurship & Business

It is said that Engineer can start his career anywhere but must retire from his own company. Starting own venture is risk oriented decision. To accomplish dream of “Make in India”, it is important that Engineers become entrepreneurs and job provider than job seekers. Before entering into entrepreneurship and staring own company or business, it is important that some job experience is obtained and idea is conceived for the venture. Not only, When but also What and How you start is important. Hence only through experience and consistent observation one can decide about the venture.

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