Engineers Career Point Courses Offered

Integrated Module

It is complete module which enables the budding Engineers to prepare collectively for various career related exams. It normally starts in 2nd and 3rd year of graduation so that within one year and half, students prepare technical module....

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Regular Module

These are the modules run for particular domains only, such as technical, Quant and Verbal and General studies. Students may have different requirements, such as, preparation of only GRE or CAT or GATE, preparation of SOPs only etc.

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GRE Module

GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) is held througout the year at certain chosen centers. GRE is eligibility criteria for pursuing M.S. (similar to M.Tech in India) abroad. On the basis of this exam scholarship is offered by various universities.

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IES Module

Engineering services are best jobs in government sector. These jobs provide techno-managerial profile in organizations such as Railway, Defence, CPWD etc.Exam is conducted by UPSC and is very difficult due to very large syllabus & competition.

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Interview Module

ECP offers unique way to prepare for interviews (technical and non technical). Interviews and GD are parts of various selection processes of PSUs, IES, Campus placement, M.Tech and PhD etc. Interview preparation is done in two stages, Peers group interviews and Mock interviews.

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University/ College Module

ECP offers university/ college modules, in which it provides short (a few days) to long (entire semester or year) modules related to various domains within the college or university itself.

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Requirement of exams such as State & IES is different from exams such as SDO/JE/SSC. Pace of syllabus completion, depth of coverage etc. to SDO/JE/SSC is different. ECP has different group of mentor of such exams. Regular classes of these exams are scheduled every month.

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